to be stinted in their growth ; said of such as do not grow. Hence an urling is in the North, a little dwarfish person. In the South such persons are called KNURLES.

A glossary of provincial and local words used in England. . 1790.

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  • urled — urled, ppl. a. north. dial. [f. prec. + ed1.] Stunted in growth; dwarfed, dwarfish, ill thriven. Ray N. Co. Words 78. a 1800 Pegge Suppl. Grose s.v. 1828– in dialect glossaries (n. Cy., Cumbld., Westm., Yks., Lancs.) …   Useful english dictionary

  • urled — North Country (Newcastle) Words stinted in growth …   English dialects glossary

  • burled — urled (b[^u]rld), adj. having an irregular pattern from the grain of a tree burl[2], or one resembling such a pattern, in contrast to the regular wood grain consisting of parallel or concentric lines; of wood. [WordNet 1.5 +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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